Exposing Israel’s war crimes is child’s play
January 24, 2009

Announcer: (off camera) “Time once again for everyone's favourite clown—‘Bozo Bernie’!” (A bouncy song heralds the arrival of Bernie Fubar, star of the Canadian Jewish Circus’s ‘The Bozo Bernie Show’. About a dozen boys and girls aged four to 10 are on the set and part of this live TV children’s show. They cheer and clap as ‘Bozo Bernie’ enters, waves and frolics with them. The theme music dies down…)

Bozo Bernie: “Welcome, kids!”

Kids: “Hi Bozo Bernie!”

Bozo Bernie: “We’ve got a great show for you today—cartoons, games, and a special surprise!”

Kids: “What is it? What is it? What is it?”

Bozo Bernie: “Our best buddy General Mayhem has just returned from Israel and he has some great new games for us: ‘Dodge Bomb’ and ‘Supersniper.’”

Kids: “Yaaaaayyyyyy!”

Bozo Bernie: “But first kids, Bozo Bernie has some sad news.”

First Boy: “What is it Bozo Bernie?”

First Girl: “Did something happen to you?”

Bozo Bernie: “I’m okay, but people are being mean to friends of mine. That’s why Bozo Bernie’s sad.”

Second Girl: “Why are they being mean?”

Bozo Bernie: “They are being mean because they hate Jews and they hate Israel for defending itself. Do you know what that kind of meanness is called? (kids shake their heads) Well, it's called anti-Semitism, goys… I mean boys and girls. So, today, I want to talk to you about incitement.”

First Girl: “What’s inside mint?”

Bozo Bernie: “No, no— incitement. That's when mean people try to get other people to hurt Jews.”

Second Boy: “What do they do?”

Bozo Bernie: “They make speeches to help Israel's enemy, Hamas, and burn the Israeli flag. Bozo Bernie wants these people treated as criminals for saying and doing these things.”

Second Girl: “Did any Jews get hurt because of the speeches? My mommy said words can’t hurt you.”

Bozo Bernie: “Well, your mommy isn’t a Jew, so she doesn’t understand. Whenever people say things to attack Israel or defend Israel's enemies they incite genocide. That means they try to get people to kill Jews.”

zionist clown Bozo Bernie sez:
“Kids—Be sure not to confuse Arab terrorism (left) with Israeli self-defence (right).”
Israeli Terrorism

Third Boy (at 10, the oldest child): “Did Israel’s enemies kill all those people in Gaza? I saw some scary pictures on the Internet and people say that Israel did it. Hundreds of children died, some of them in hospitals. Did Israel attack hospitals, Bozo Bernie?”

Bozo Bernie: “Umm...well, maybe by accident, but don't forget that Hamas started it and Israel was only protecting itself!

Third Girl (also 10): “Did the hospitals threaten Israel?”

Bozo Bernie: (He realizes that the longer this goes on the worse it’s going to get, so he tries a diversion.) Hey! Look at what we’ve got …”

Third Girl: “Did they?”

Bozo Bernie: “Did they what?”

Third Girl: “Did the hospitals threaten Israel? My teacher said that killing innocent people is a war crime.”

Bozo Bernie: “LOOK!… KIDS!… (Bozo Bernie struggles to stay in character as his voice starts to tense up and he becomes visibly agitated).” Israel is not the bad guy. Hamas is.”

First Girl: “Who is Hamas?”

Bozo Bernie: “Hamas is a group of terrorists that wants to destroy Israel.”

Fourth Boy: “What's a terrorist group?”

Bozo Bernie: “People who deliberately kill innocent people.”

Third Boy: Like the ones who killed all those babies and doctors?”

Bozo Bernie:NO!! (Bozo Bernie realizes what he has just done. The children look very uneasy and upset at his sharp outburst, and he tries to calm them down, but some of the younger ones are starting to cry.) Listen…kids… it's very simple: Hamas hates Israel. People who support Hamas incite hatred against Jews. That's anti-Semitism and must be stopped!”

zionist clown Bozo Bernie sez:
“Hey kids! Can you spot the anti-Semitism in this cartoon?
Third Boy: “Did Israel have to kill so many people?”

First Boy: “Bozo Bernie, what do Jews have to do with Israel?”

Bozo Bernie: “WHAT!? (The crying erupts into wailing.)

Third Girl (crying): “Why did all those people in Gaza have to die?”

Second Girl (crying) : “Why is it wrong to say what Israel did was bad?”

First Girl (crying even louder) : “Bozo Bernie! I think you’re a… big poo-poo head!” (Some of the children start laughing. The live feed is suddenly interrupted).