With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies

December 31, 2012

In 1949, Israel lied to gain membership in the United Nations, but by the skillful use of blackmail, murder, bribery and Holocaust® guilt it has been able to inhibit the “civilized” world from doing anything about it. As a result, the UN, that great forum for world peace, has by inaction been co-opted in the slow, systematic genocide of Palestine. The most pernicious example of this collusion is the refusal to do anything about Israel’s systematic destruction of Arab homes to build illegal colonies for Jewish Europeans.

For the most part, this crime is invisible because it is actively ignored by the corporate media. If it is reported at all, the coverage is usually perfunctory, devoid of context, and often told from the Israeli point of view. This self-censorship has made life relatively easy for Western governments because it allows them to feign ignorance or impotence, and so not have to comment publicly for fear of zionist reprisal.

However, thanks to Benjamin “Baby” Netanyahu’s tantrum over the UN’s recognition of Palestinian statehood, willful ignorance is no longer possible, and active punitive steps against Israel might be unavoidable. When Netanyahu declared that Israel would retaliate by building 3,000 more colonist homes, he effectively did to the legitimacy of the Jewish State [sic] what the Jewish State (and numerous well-placed mini-hydrogen bombs) did to the World Trade Centre. Let’s sift through the rubble and estimate the fallout:

First, Netanyahu conceded that Israel is not really a Jewish State; it’s an Arab dispossessionist state. Building homes for Jewish colonists presupposes the existence of Jews to occupy them, but Jews had nothing to do with this decision.

Netanyahu threw a tantrum at the U.S. government and the UN for recognizing the reality of Palestine, but it is Palestinians who are being made to suffer. It is more important for Netanyahu to kill and dispossess Palestinians than to provide stability for Israel’s existing Jewish population. In this, Netanyahu parallels Adolf Hitler, who sought to rid Europe of its Jewish population.

Second, the sheer number of these gratuitous dwellings invites questions into just how much colonial construction is necessary, and just how many Jews really live in occupied Palestine. Israel, understandably, keeps this information secret, but we can sense the lack of immigrant demand for housing from a few sources.

For one thing, there is little reason for any Jew to move to Israel. Israel has the second highest poverty rate among OECD countries—almost 25 percent—and a predatory caste system that allows Israel-born EuroJews to exploit and abuse non-Europeans and even European immigrants. Many immigrants find life so intolerable that they leave to find a better, more secure life. Within the last two weeks, former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin acknowledged that 40 percent of Israelis would emigrate if they had the chance. He blamed this attitude on crises in economics, morality and political leadership. He might as well have blamed Netanyahu.

Ironically, Germany is a prime destination for Jews wanting a better life. In September 2010, Ynet news reported that as many as 15,000 young Israelis moved to Berlin to escape the militarism and to find tranquility and a sense of cultural belonging. So, if so many Jews are anxious to leave, what rational, economic reason is there to build houses that will obviously remain empty?

Netanyahu's tantrum

Third, the outcome of the UN vote was a foregone conclusion, thus making a farce of this whole episode. In late August 2011, Israeli’s UN envoy Ron Prossor admitted that Israel had no chance of stopping recognition of a Palestinian state, so the rational thing for Netanyahu to do would have been to recognize this inevitability and support it, but because he’s a fascist, he cannot act rationally.

Fascists are really little different from overprivileged adolescents or sociopathic gangsters: they believe the world is theirs to despoil as they see fit, and opposition to this belief is not handled well. Fascists do not see themselves as a part of humanity; they think themselves superior to it, and from this height of arrogance comes an active, contempt for what we call the rules of civilized society.

So, if a fascist should suffer a public setback of any sort, as happens from time to time, he will invariably interpret it as a personal attack and explode in a paroxysm of verbal or physical abuse. He will defy the lawful judgment, blame others for the setback, and make himself out to be a victim of “unfairness.” The cruel irony here is that Netanhayu’s violent tantrum against an innocent party (Palestine) merely reinforced the validity and legitimacy of the UN’s judgment.

However, as any parent knows, a tantrum is an admission of defeat, an inability to face reality, In a sense, Netanyahu is a typical gangster-child. From an early age his mind was warped by the coiling miasma of Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish fascism, Jewish terrorism, and Jewish victimhood, leaving him with a Jew vs. non-Jew view of the world. Such an irrational mentality does not allow for compromise, moral sense, or anything resembling civilized behaviour.

Finally, Netanyahu depends on the servility of Western governments to provide rhetorical and diplomatic cover for its destruction of Arab homes, but even these governments have to maintain at least a fig leaf of credibility among their own people. As a result of the “3000 homes” announcement, many furious European nations called in the Israeli representatives for “talks” and the U.K. and France, and are considering recalling their ambassadors. That might not sound like much, but never has this measure even been contemplated before.

In the U.S., the State Department bluntly accused Israel of engaging in a “pattern of provocative action” that runs counter to statements from Israeli leaders claiming that they are committed to peace. Leaving aside the fact that the “two-state solution” is a fatuous concept that never had a chance of succeeding, the U.S. openly called the construction “provocative” and effectively called Israel a liar. Notwithstanding The Lobby’s vice-like grip over U.S. politics, the willingness of the U.S. to be pushed around and humiliated is reaching a critical limit.

A sign that the U.S. may be willing to reassert some degree of political independence can be seen in Obama’s selection of former senator Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary, which has given rise to another tantrum in the wake of Hagel’s famous declaration of U.S. loyalty: “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here…but I’m a United States senator, not an Israeli senator.… I take an oath to the Constitution, not to a president, not to a party and not to Israel.”

In response to this factual statement, The Lobby, the existence of which zionists officially deny, has gone into full berserker mode to spread a co-ordinated vilification campaign against Hagel. Despite his record of pro-Israel votes in the senate, Hagel has been accused of being “anti-semitic” (of course!), and harbouring a secret anti-Israel agenda for even having mentioned the Lobby and its intimidation. The Times of Israel even admitted that the Hagel nomination was calling attention to the role of AIPAC and other zionist groups: “[It is] crystallizing into a battle over the ‘Israel lobby’ and its ostensible [sic] influence on the U.S. national agenda.”

If the growing Jewish-American disaffection for Israel and propensity to vote Democrat are also considered, tantrums like Netanyahu’s confirm that Israel is a failed, parasitic, criminal state, and that the world is no longer willing to ignore or tacitly sanction dispossessionist zionism.