Right-wing anti-Jewish zealots fuel Israel’s propaganda machine

(December 29, 2018)

As we saw last time, extreme left wingers who criticize Israel attack potential allies for showing less than wholehearted worship for the Jew-as-victim cult and the “Holocaust®,” the foundations of Israeli propaganda. The right-wing, unfortunately, has its own variety of useful idiot.

Whereas extreme lefties resort to censorship, extreme right-wingers condemn Jews indiscriminately as if they constituted a monolithic, undifferentiated enemy. They arrogantly deny that any distinction exists between zionist and non-zionist Jews, and they attack those who prove otherwise. Such irrationality amounts to condemning people for who they are, not for what they do. This affliction is most commonly found among evangelical Christians, who make up a large proportion of the right-wing. How is a rational person who wants to fight the zionist stranglehold on Canada or the U.S. supposed to take seriously those who equate Jews with Satan and conflate Judaism with politics even though they may have valid criticisms? This is the tragedy of right-wing criticism of Israel.

It is vital that a political movement expose Holocaust® propaganda, hold the zionist mass media to account, publicize Israel’s genocide, decry the Lobby’s corruption of Congress and stand up to the canard of “anti-Semitism”. These tasks should not be hard to do since it is an open secret that the U.S., like other Western nations, is a slave to Israel.

Given that the Israel Lobby’s main power base is on the political left, an aggressive, reformist movement from the other side to reclaim national sovereignty ought to have no trouble gaining traction, yet this has not happened. Whatever useful criticism right-wingers may have to say about Israel-owned politicians, Israeli lobby groups, pro-Israel bankers, media whores or Mossad false-flag operations is discredited by a general ignorance of history and displays of anti-Jewish bigotry.

Any intelligent debater knows that making one’s opponent look sympathetic is a tactical blunder because it engenders public and media sympathy. In the case of right-wing zealots, their contemptible and ridiculous anti-Jewish religiosity feeds the Jew-as-victim cult, which perpetuates Western enslavement to Israel. I experienced this counter-productive stupidity first hand.

On July 2, I was Dennis Fetcho’s guest, if that’s the correct word, on Inside the Eye. The ostensible reason for having me on his show, at the suggestion of a listener, was to discuss my book The Host & The Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America. Anyone familiar with it knows that it is a historical/political analysis of Israel’s progressive subjugation of the U.S. from 1948 to the present set against the background of a self-destructive pro-Israel/anti-Muslim foreign policy and the Israel-led attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Only by accepting that U.S. has mutated into “Isramerica” does the seemingly irrational behaviour of U.S. governments, at least since 1980, make sense.

Throughout my book, I have nothing to say about Jews or Judaism because Israel is a secular construct “created” by irreligious Ashkenazim. Religion, to the extent it is even relevant, is merely a façade to justify the naked theft of Arab land and the dispossession of Palestine’s native Arab population.

Misrepresenting Jews

About 18 minutes into the “interview,” I realized that Fetcho had little to no interest in my book, history, politics or even intelligent discussion. From this point he attempted to drag me into affirming his anti-Jewish prejudices, and when I refused, he resorted to cognitive dissonance and condescension.

When I informed Fetcho that Jews were not “a people” in any ethnic sense of the word, and therefore cannot be targeted as an enemy, he resorted to the pro-zionist canard of “Jewish DNA.” When I pointed out that religious belief cannot be inherited and that Jews are found among many ethnic groups––Slavs, Magyars, Balts, Germans, etc.––he dismissed the distinction as a matter of semantics and cited Israel’s use of Jewish DNA, as if that made a difference. He then said modern Jews are the same tribal group that had been “chased around Europe for 1,000 years.” Of course, this is patent rubbish.

The religious illegitimacy of Israel is a great weapon, but anti-Jewish zealots refuse to take advantage of it.
Jews are not “a tribe.” We know this because many Caucasians converted to Judaism in the mid-8th century. The conversion of these Khazars is a matter of historical record, which means that these converted Jews (Ashkenazim, of various ethnic stock) are genetically unrelated to Middle Eastern Jews. At any rate, I informed Fetcho that Jewishness is not relevant to my book, and I was not prepared to discuss the matter. It made no difference, which led me to wonder why I was even on the show.

Just before the 20:30 mark Fetcho officially epitomized his ineptitude, which was inevitable since he is driven by prejudice and therefore lacks the ability to respond rationally to challenges. Until this point I had been explaining the difference been zionist (a political term) and Jew (a religious term), to which he responded, “To me they’re all the same at this stage,” and by “stage” he meant the modern world, about which he also fancies himself somewhat of an expert.

He went on to say that he had a problem with Jews “as an entire entity” because they jailed his friends over their opinions of the “Holocaust®”. Two points are worth noting. First, Fetcho’s use of “to me” proved he was making broad-brush generic claims about Jews based on nothing more than his subjectivity. At that moment he destroyed any pretense to credibility.

The second point is that Fetcho is right to condemn those who persecute critics of Holocaust® holy writ. It is child’s play to debunk the “6 million” myth, but because it is a myth, it cannot be defended rationally, which means those who challenge it must be persecuted. On this score Fetcho could do a great service by condemning Israel and spineless Western governments that do Israel’s bidding.

Moreover, he could come to the aid of honourable Jews, like Professors Norman Finkelstein and Ilan Pappé, who have been professionally and personally targeted. When I brought this subject up he responded: “Not my business. My issue is with my own ethnic group my own political interest. Whatever happens to them, who cares?”

Alas! An opportunity for informed action spurned in the name of an overweening Christian self-righteousness that lends credence to The Great Founding Lie of Israel: Jews need their own country because they are not safe under Christian governments. After the show, which suffered from audio problems that I only later found out about and must have originated with the show's producer, Fetcho threw a Twitter tantrum in which he more than once blamed me for his own shortcomings. Here's one:

Furthermore, the comments on the show's YouTube channel demonstrate that his disrespectful treatment of me did not go unnoticed.

Which is worse?

It is a matter of debate which is the greater threat to our liberties: soft-headed left-wingers who censor anti-zionists for even alluding to Jews or bigoted right-wingers who feed the zionist propaganda machine by stereotyping them. Of the two, the latter is clearly the more tragic. Many of the issues Fetcho brings up--overly lax immigration policy, persecution of Holocaust® dissenters and institutionalized bias toward people of European descent--are legitimate and deserve to be discussed, but this is hard for many reasonable people to do because these issues are badly articulated and bound up with overstatement and Christian chauvinism.

The willful refusal to acknowledge that the threat to the U.S. and other countries comes from Israel, not Jews, effectively precludes any sustained, popular opposition to AIPAC, ADL and other instruments of imperial oppression. Many Jews support BDS and Palestinian liberation, which makes them strong allies against Israel, the real enemy. Sadly, for Fetcho and others like him, self-defeating bigotry toward Jews for its own sake is more important than pursuing a rational plan to liberate Americans. As we saw above, Fetcho cannot even explain how his crusade would work. With enemies like this, the Israel Lobby has little to fear.

The first task of any resistance movement is to know its enemy and marshal all efforts to defeat it. Effective opposition to Israel must entail debunking the Holocaust® cult and identifying it with zionist Jews, but the left is too craven and the right too chauvinistic to do it.

It is easy to condemn the enemy for its abuses; it is much harder to condemn ourselves for enabling the enemy.