Canadian Arab News
August 4, 2005

Nothing is more dangerous for a media propagandist than the unbiased use of language. Words are the tools of independent thought, and since independent thought is the enemy of the dissembler, words cannot be allowed to have objective meaning. They must be reduced to buzzwords—moral brickbats to be used to bludgeon “the enemy” and warp the public mind.

Thus, it comes to pass that Norman Spector is again riding one of his favourite hobby horses—the CBC’s refusal to use “terrorism” to describe Muslim resistance fighters. This latest outpouring of distemper concerns the recent London bombings.

In defending its policy not to use the term, the CBC argues that to do so would indicate bias. In response, Spector waxed hypocritical: “However, only one side—the side looking to recruit new suicide bombers—has an interest in terminological confusion.” *

This lie underscores much of contemporary zionist propaganda: Muslims who engage in sacrifice bombings are supposed to be denounced as terrorists, and anyone who disagrees or tries to explain their motives is a supporter of terrorism.

Naturally, Spector doesn’t acknowledge that U.S./Israeli sadism toward Muslims is the cause of these and other bombings. The CBC, though, is aware of this fact, and that irks him no end.

Spector is unique among Canada’s zionist shills. His pro-Israel dissembling is also carried nationwide in the Asper empire’s local rags, thus creating highly toxic exposure levels. Whereas the untutored frothing of Harvey Enchin at the local Vancouver Sun is clearly absurd and self-defeating, (see my July 21 column), Spector’s propaganda is more subtle because the dishonesty
is harder to detect.

If all you knew about the London bombings—or the Middle East in general—came from our heavily censored North American media, you might well agree with Spector that the British Muslims should be condemned as terrorists. After all, it does seem to fit the definition. On the other hand, would you expect a jury to render a verdict in a trial where only the prosecution was allowed to present a case?

That, in short, is precisely what Spector and other zionists want you to do. Fortunately, you now have a chance to hear the counsel for the defence—the defendant being “terrorism.”

I call as my first witness former Israeli education minister Shulamit Aloni:

DEFENCE COUNSEL: “Ms. Aloni how would you describe the nature of the State of Israel?”
SHULAMIT ALONI: “Israel, in fact, is no different than racist South Africa as long as it presents itself as Jewish state instead of a state of all its citizens.” †
COUNSEL: “I thought Israel was a democracy fighting for its survival. Is this not true?”
ALONI: “Sharon and the Israeli leadership always try to make Israelis believe the lie that the Palestinians want to throw us to the sea. In fact, we are the ones who commit war crimes against humanity, and I hope Sharon will face justice.”
PROSECUTOR: “Objection! The witness is anti-Semitic!”
JUDGE: “Siddown! One more outburst like that and I’ll cite you for contempt! (to counsel) Please continue.”
COUNSEL: “Thank you, m’lord. (to witness) Ms. Aloni, that’s a bold condemnation. What exactly are you saying?”
ALONI: “The terror utilized by Israel in the territories is worse than Palestinian terrorism…. I can show you Mussolini’s books about fascism. If you read them you’ll reach the unequivocal conclusion that ministers in the current Israeli government are walking on the same path.” (Prosecutor begins to rise but thinks twice.) I want to note that National Union Knesset Member Benny Elon recently said that settlers intend to embitter the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank until they emigrate from here. I see testament to that in the existence of an IDF unit comprising radical religious soldiers, who are no different than animals in their daily behavior.”
COUNSEL: “Thank you Ms. Aloni. I now call Haim Yavin to the stand.… Mr. Yavin, you have been the anchor of Israel’s Channel One News for three decades, is that correct?”
COUNSEL: “Recently you made a five-part documentary of your visits to the West Bank and Gaza Strip over two years. What did you learn?”
YAVIN: “Since 1967, we have been brutal conquerors, occupiers, suppressing another people.”§
COUNSEL: “Can you describe an example of Israeli brutality that you witnessed? Yes, you may consult your notes.”
YAVIN: “I am coming now from the roadblock. I am coming from a woman who had to give birth at a roadblock because they didn’t let her go through, and I say to you this isn’t Jewish what we’re doing here.” **
COUNSEL: “Thank you. I could call numerous more witnesses, but to save the court’s time I would like to cite a few statistics to show the magnitude of Jewish terrorism.

“From September 2000 to July 2005 Israel soldiers killed 3,804 Palestinian civilians, of whom 717 were children. The number of injured total 43,431 and 14,753 respectively.

“No amount of zionist double-talk about ‘terrorist suicide bombers’ can mitigate this wanton slaughter. In fact an excerpt from Mr. Yavin’s documentary makes this point explicit. Some ‘settlers’ told him that the Palestinians must be given a deadline to leave the Occupied Territories or be forced out. One woman said: ‘Otherwise, we should just bomb and kill them.’

“Clearly, Norman Spector’s insistence that the CBC refer to the London bombers as terrorists, without taking into account the incitement of Jewish terrorism in Occupied Palestine, is patently dishonest and must be rejected by the court of public opinion.

“The defence rests.”

* Norman Spector, “Lessons from London: How not to cover terror attacks,” Globe and Mail, July 25, 2005.
† All statements by Shulamit Aloni are taken verbatim from Roee Nahmias, “Israeli terror is worse,”, July 29, 2005.
§ Cited in Chris McGreal, “Top Israeli news anchor attacks occupation,” The Guardian, June 1, 2005.
** Haim Yavin, Profile: Israeli Television Anchor Haim Yavin Sparks Controversy With His New Documentary, National Public Radio, July 5, 2005.