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America is staring into the abyss and preparing to jump

[Donald Trump’s victory and Hillary Clinton’s further humilition in the electoral college confirms my analysis from April: Trump didn't win so much as Clnton lost. Not even a sustained, lame propaganda campaign of Russia’s hacking the DNC could bamboozle the electors into betraying themselves.]

A wise man once taught me: “Nobody is completely useless; at worst he can be held up as a bad example.” It is in that spirit of hopefulness and constructive criticism that I come to praise Donald Trump (or “Drumpf”), not to bury him. Thanks to Trump, this electoral silly season has generated some of the most relevant analyses about U.S. politics, the kind of commentary that we should have started in 1980. Regardless of how one feels about Trump, his candidacy is profoundly significant.

Thirty or 40 years ago, Trump would have been laughed off the political stage. Bombastic, bloviating, buffoonish and in love with his own self-importance, he has morphed into The Great Attractor for voter anger.



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