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Lumbering dinosaurs fear extinction
Resident Trump’s recent musings about punishing Canadian softwood exports is the same dishonest drivel that time and again has been shot down in the WTO and GATT. This column from 2002 shows that the bankruptcy of the U.S. claims.

(I am updating my book The Host and the Parasite to explain the rise of Donald Trump, so I am taking a leave from writing new columns. I hope to be back in a month. )

If asked to name the cause of the softwood lumber dispute, most would likely say Canada’s stumpage pricing system. The U.S. charges that stumpage amounts to an unfair subsidy for Canadian lumber producers at the expense of U.S. producers who have to pay market rates to harvest trees on private land. In fact, this is how the Canadian media, to its shame, has also cast the debate.

Fact is, stumpage is irrelevant. It’s a red herring thrown up by U.S. lumber lobbyists to mask demands for protectionist legislation.



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